About Us

In 1987, SUPERTECH opened its doors as a computer repair shop in Mountain View, California. Serving clients from around the country, including Intel, Microsoft, Novell, SRI International and AMD, SUPERTECH operated "behind the scenes" as a repair center for independent computer stores. Then, in 2005, SUPERTECH was sold, giving the original owner and chief engineer the opportunity to establish SIERRA'S BEST in the Sierra foothills. We believed then - as we still believe now - in going the extra mile for customers and helping them get the most from their machines. 

That willingness to help is the bedrock upon which SIERRA'S BEST of today was built. Over the years, we evolved as our customers' needs increased and, little by little, we began offering the complete network solutions that set us apart as industry leaders today. We have an intimate understanding of the demands you face as a growing business precisely because we, too, started off as a growing business. And like you, we're still growing. 

Now, we not only fix our customer's computers when things go wrong, we offer comprehensive network solutions that keep things working right. In today's economy and commercial environment, quality network administration must be met by cost-efficient implementation. And at SIERRA'S BEST, we are committed to providing the best service available at the most competitive rates. Your business is our business - and we do whatever it takes to ensure that it's a success.

Core Beliefs

Honesty: SIERRA'S BEST conducts business with integrity. We are up front and honest. When you work with SIERRA'S BEST, you get straight talk, accurate advice and solutions that work.


Service: We don't drop off your machines and leave. We don't use "form" emails to answer your questions. At SIERRA'S BEST, quality products are only the beginning. When you work with SIERRA'S BEST, you receive attentive customer support and knowledgeable customer service.


Commitment: SIERRA'S BEST is committed to customer satisfaction - one client at a time. When you work with SIERRA'S BEST, you get products and service custom-tailored to meet your needs. If you're not happy with the results, our job's not done.